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I take a great pleasure in accepting the directorship of the institute and promise to fulfil my duties to the best of my abilities, and seek your commitment and involvement to take this great institute to further heights. I am extremely thankful for my earlier Directors of the institute for their excellent contributions in making CSIR-IICT as one of the topmost research institutes nationally and internationally.....       more

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Dr. A. Gangani Rao, Senior Principal Scientist BEEC Division, has been selected for Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Award of IIChE- 2014

Result of Resarch Assistant in Niper (Notification No. 1/2014)

Srivari Chandrasekhar, Chief Scientist, wins Infosys Prize 2014

Dr. RBN Prasad, Chief Scientist & Head, Lipid Science & Technology Division was elected as Fellow of Biotech Research Society of India.

Dr. S Venkata Mohan, Principal Scientist, Bio- Engineering & Environmental Sciences was elected for Fellow of The National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi for the year 2014

Dr. B.Jagadeesh, Senior Principal Scientist, Centre for NMR & Structural Chemistry Division, was elected for Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad, India for the year 2014

Dr. R.B.N. Prasad, Chief Scientist, has been awarded Vasvik Award -2012 in Chemical Sciences & Technology category

Dr. S Venkata Mohan was awarded Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Sciences for the year 2014.

Academic and Administrative Coordinators of AcSIR@CSIR-IICT

Winners of CSIR Technology Awards-2014

AP Academy of Sciences Special Issue on Bioinformatics

DST Sericulture project for the tribal women in Bhadrachalam by Dr USN Murty Head Biology Division

AWAKEN 14 on ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH organized by Dr USN Murty ENVIS Coordinator Head Biology Divn

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Research Highlights

Nanocrystalline magnesium oxide-stabilized palladium(0): the Heck reaction of heteroaryl bromides in the absence of additional ligands and base

Zinc(II) complexes of Pro-Gly and Pro-Leu dipeptides: Synthesis, characterization, in vitro DNA binding and cleavage studies

Synthesis, DNA recognition and cleavage studies of novel tetrapeptide complexes, Cu(II)/Zn(II)-Ala-Pro-Ala-Pro

Synthesis, characterization and in vitro DNA binding and cleavage studies of Cu(II)/Zn(II) dipeptide complexes

Stereoselective synthesis of the macrocyclic core (C7-C19) of carolacton

Functionalized phenyl bipyridine ancillary ligand as double recombination inhibitor in ruthenium complex for dye solar cells

UPLC-Q–TOF-MS based studies to evaluate the effect of extraction methodology on the yield of 6-shogaol, a biomarker of Z. officinale

Selective benzylic oxidation of alkylaromatics over Cu/SBA-15 catalysts under solvent-free conditions

Selective hydrogenation of the C=C bond of alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds over PdNPs-SBA-15 in a water medium

Highly efficient and expeditious PdO/SBA-15 catalysts for allylic oxidation of cyclohexene to cyclohexenone

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