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Centre for Semiochemicals


Centre for Semiochemicals (CSC) has been constituted in 2012 at CSIR-IICT with a multi disciplinary inhouse group consisting of expertise in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, entomology and polymer chemistry. The group has been working on all aspects of semiochemicals / pheromones R&D i.e. from isolation, identification and synthesis of semiochemicals (pheromones & allelochemicals) to their field evaluation and is recognized as the National Center for Semiochemical Research. Considering the versatility and potentiality of pheromones in providing an effective eco-friendly pest management, CSC at Centre for Semiochemicals has taken up the work on PAT for its popularization as an agro practice in Indian farming. The Centre has been working in this unique field of research for the last fifteen years and made extensive efforts during XIFYP to get the feel of farmers about PAT. To reduce our dependence on imported chemicals for the regular supply of pheromone lures at farmers' affordability, CSC has developed and established preparative methodologies for the pheromone components of several economically important crop pests. The pheromone preparative methodologies were transferred to industry.

  • To be recognized and identified as an unique centre of excellence in the country for overall development of Insect Pheromones/ Semiochemicals as tools in Integrated Pest Management ( IPM ).
  • To popularize the application of Insect Pheromone based pest control strategies for sustainable agriculture, especially for Field crops.
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