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Dr. S. Chandrasekhar FNASc, FASc, FNA


S.No Author (S) Title Journal
268 Kiranmai Nayani, Radhika Cinsani, Anwar Hussaini SD, Prathama S. Mainkar and Srivari Chandrasekhar* Brønsted Acid Catalysed Domino Aza-Piancatelli Rearrangement/ Michael Reaction: Construction of 1,4-Benzodiazepin-5-ones in One-Pot Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2017, 10.1002/ejoc.201700957
267 Srinu Paladugu, Prathama S. Mainkar and Srivari Chandrasekhar* Synthesis of Complete Carbon Framework of Baulamycin A Tetrahedron Letters 2017, 58, 2784-2787
266 Navya Goli, Prathama S. Mainkar, Sudha Sravanti Kotapalli, Tejaswini K, Ramesh Ummanni, Srivari Chandrasekhar* Expanding the tetrahydroquinoline pharmacophore Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2017, 27, 1714-1720
265 Pantapalli M. Anitha, Prathama S. Mainkar, Shivakrishna Kallepu, V. S. Phani Babu, Cirandur Suresh Reddy and Srivari Chandrasekhar* Caveat in the stereochemical outcome of the organocatalytic Diels–Alder reaction in PEG-400 RSC Adv., 2016,6, 76132-76136
264 P.S. Mainkar, V. Chippala, R. Chegondi, S. Chandrasekhar* Ruthenium(II)-Catalyzed Hydration of Terminal Alkynes in PEG- 400 Synlett 2016, 27(13): 1969-1972
263 K. Nagaraju, R. Chegondi, S. Chandrasekhar* Expanding Diversity without Protecting Groups: (+)-Sclareolide to Indolosesquiterpene Alkaloid Mycoleptodiscin A and Analogues Org. Lett. 2016, 18, 2684-2687
262 R. Kranthikumar, R. Chegondi, S. Chandrasekhar* Insertion of N-Tosylacetimidates/Acetimidamides onto Arynes via [2 + 2] Cycloaddition J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81, 2451-2459.
261 J. Ruiz, N. Karre, T. Roisnel, S, Chandrasekhar, Srivari; R. Gree From Protected ß-Hydroxy Acylsilanes to Functionalized Silyl Enol Ethers and Applications in Mukaiyama Aldol Reactions Eur. J. Org. Chem 2016, 2016(4), 773-779
260 Ch. Praveen Kumar, Reddy, T. Srinivasa; P. S. Mainkar, V. Bansal, R. Shukla, S. Chandrasekhar, H. M. Hugel Synthesis and biological evaluation of 5, 10-dihydro-11H-dibenzo[b,e][1,4]diazepin-11-one structural derivatives as anti-cancer and apoptosis inducing agents Eur. J. Med. Chem, 2016, 108, 674-686
259 R. R. Anugu,P.S. Mainkar, B. Sridhar, S. Chandrasekhar* The Ireland-Claisen rearrangement strategy towards the synthesis of the schizophrenia drug, (+)-asenapine Org. Biomol. Chem. 2016, 14, 1332-1337
258 B. Surender Reddy, A. Srirama Murthy P. S. Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* Pruning of Biomolecules and Natural Products (PBNP): An Innovative Paradigm in Drug Discovery Org. Biomol. Chem 2015, 13, 6432-6448
257 Lahu N. Chavan, Ch. Rambabu, S. Chandrasekhar* Tandem organocatalytic approach to  C28-C35 fragment of eribulin mesylate Tetrahedron Letters 2015, 56, 4286-4288
256 N. Lavanya, N. Kiranmai, P. S. Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* A practical synthesis of C14-C26 fragment of anticancer drug, eribulin mesylate Tetrahedron Letters 2015, 56, 4283-4285
255 A. Srirama Murthy and S. Chandrasekhar* Practical and stereoselective synthesis of [6, 6, 5]-tricyclic core (C1-C13) of eribulin mesylate Tetrahedron Letters 2015, 56, 4280-4282
254 N. Kavitha and S. Chandrasekhar* Scalable synthesis of the unusual amino acid segment (ADMOA unit) of marine anti-inflammatory peptide: solomonamide A Org. Biomol. Chem 2015, 13, 6242-6248
253 Johal Ruiz, A.Srirama Murthy, Thierry Roisnel, S. Chandrasekhar, and R. Gree Alpha-Hydroxyallylsilanes as Propionaldehyde Enolate Equivalents and their Use towards Iterative Aldol Reactions J. Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 2364-2375
252 W. Ahmed, P. S. Mainkar, P. Srihari and S. Chandrasekhar* Total Synthesis of thromboxane receptor antagonist, Terutroban Org. Biomol. Chem 2015, 13, 2951-2957
251 M. Sailu, S. S. Muley, Amitava Das, P. S. Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* Formal total synthesis of (±)-rhazinal and its B-ring carbamate analogue Tetrahedron 2015, 55, 1276-1282
250 K. Nagaraju, P. S. Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* Convergent synthesis of fully functionalized decalin skeleton of (+)-fusarisetin A Tetrahedron Letters 2015, 56, 404-405
249 T. Naresh, T. Pavan Kumar, K. Haribabu and S. Chandrasekhar* AZT-prolinamide: the nucleoside derived pyrrolidine catalysts for asymmetric aldol reactions using water as solvent Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2014, 25, 1340-1345
248 S Chandrasekhar* V Patro, L N. Chavan, Rambabu Ch and R Grée Multicomponent Reactions in PEG-400: Ruthenium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Substituted Pyrroles Tetrahedron Letters 2014, 55, 5932-5935
247 L Radhika and S Chandrasekhar* Synthesis of the Southern tripeptide (C1-N12) of Sanglifehrins using asymmetric organocatalysis Synth. Commun. 2014, 44, 3602-3609
246 S Khatun, P S.Mainkar and S Chandrasekhar* Asymmetric synthesis of C11-C23 fragment of Pladienolide B Ind. J. Chem. 2014, 53B, 717-722
245 C Sridhar, B V. D. Vijaykumar, L Radhika, D-S Shin,* and S Chandrasekhar* Asymmetric Formal Synthesis of (+)-Lactacystin Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2014, 6707-6712
244 S Chandrasekhar*C Praveen Kumar,T Pavan Kumar,K Haribabu, B Jagadeesh,* J K. Lakshmi and P S. Mainkar* Peptidomimetic 'Click' Organocatalyst: Efficient Michael Addition of Ketones onto Nitroolefins with Very Low Catalyst Loading RSC Adv. 2014, 4, 30325 - 30331
243 S Chandrasekhar* K  Sathish,  G Pavan Kumar Reddy and P S.Mainkar* Total Syntheses of Arenamides A, B and C Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2014, 25, 348-355
242 G PavanKumar Reddy, A S Murthy, J. S Reddy, S Das, T Roisnel, J S. Yadav, S Chandrasekhar and  R Grée* Studies towards 1,3-diol units starting from syn-b-hydroxy acylsilanes Tetrahedron Letters 2014, 55, 365-368
241 F Malchers,*, F Dietlein,*, J Schöttle, X Lu, L C. Heukamp, L Nogova, J Wolf, K Albus, L Fernandez-Cuesta, J M. Heuckmann, O Gautschi, J Diebold, D Seidel, F Leenders, A Richters, M Peifer, A Florin, P S. Mainkar, Nagaraju K, S Chandrasekhar, J George, S Cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous mechanisms of transformation by amplified FGFR1 in lung cancer Cancer Discovery 2014, 4, 246-257
240 S Chandrasekhar* K V M Rao, M Seenaiah, P Naresh, A Sharada Devi and B Jagadeesh* Formation of periodic g-turns in a/b-hybrid peptides: DFT and NMR experimental evidence Chem. Asian J. 2014, 9, 457-461
239 N Kavitha, V Praveen Kumar, C Suresh Reddy and S Chandrasekhar* Total synthesis of (–)-seimatopolide A Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2013, 24, 1576-1582
238 A Srirama Murthy, T Roisnel, S Chandrasekar and R Grée* New b-hydroxy acylsilane-derived building blocks and their use in the synthesis of oxygen-containing heterocycles Synlett 2013, 24, 2216-2220
237 J Mahesh Kumar, M M. Idris, G Srinivas,  P Vinay Kumar, V Meghah, M Kavitha, Ch Raji Reddy, P S. Mainkar, B Pal, S Chandrasekar and  N Nagesh* Phenyl 1,2,3 triazole thymidine ligands stabilize G-quadruplex DNA, inhibit DNA synthesis and potentially reduce tumor cell proliferation over 3’Azido deoxythymidine PLOS ONE 2013, 8, e70798
236 M Jacolot, M Jean, Naresh T, A Bondon, S Chandrasekhar, and P van de Weghe* Synthessis of Stachybotrin C and all of its stereoisomers: Structure revision J. Org. Chem. 2013, 78, 7169-7175
235 B. Mahipal, A Singh,   Ramesh U and S Chandrasekhar* Total synthesis of 5-epi-Torrubiellutin C and its biological evaluation RSC Advances 2013, 3, 15917-15927
234 V. Praveen Kumar, N. Kavitha and S. Chandrasekhar* Stereoselective total syntheses of attenols A and B Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2013, 6325-6334
233 V. Praveen Kumar and S. Chandrasekhar* Enantioselective synthesis of Pladienolide B and truncated analogues as new anti-cancer agents Organic Letters 2013, 15, 3610-3613
232 N. Kavitha, G. Sukumar, V. Praveen Kumar, P. S. Mainkar and S Chandrasekhar* Ruthenium-catalyzed imidazoisoquinoline synthesis via oxidative coupling of 2-arylbenzimidazoles with alkynes Tetrahedron Letters 2013, 54, 4198-4201
231 M. Kavitha, B. Mahipal, P. S Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* Synthesis of 1,4,5-Trisubstituted 1,2,3-Triazoles Amicable for Automation Comb. Chem. and High Throughput Screening 2013, 16, 657-663
230 N. Kesava Reddy and S. Chandrasekhar* Total Synthesis of (-)-a- Kainic acid via Chirality Transfer through Ireland – Claisen Rearrangement J. Org. Chem. 2013, 78, 3355-3360
229 G. PavanKumar Reddy, J. S Reddy, S. Das, T. Roisnel, J. S. Yadav, S. Chandrasekhar, and R. Grée Synthesis of Acylsilanes via Nickel-Catalyzed Reactions of a-Hydroxyallylsilanes Organic Letters 2013, 15, 1524-1527
228 N. Kavitha, V. Praveen Kumar and S. Chandrasekhar* Towards Solomonamide A: Asymmetric synthesis of the unusual amino acid part Tetrahedron Letters 2013, 54, 2128-2130
227 P S. Mainkar, C Sridhar, A Sudhakar and S Chandrasekhar* Synthesis and self-assembly of ß-amino acid/alcohol based Bolaamphiphiles Helv. Chim. Acta. 2013, 96, 99-108
226 S. Chandrasekhar* G. Rajesh and T. Naresh Enantioselective synthesis of the C5-C23 segment of Biselyngbyaside Tetrahedron Letters 2013, 54, 252-255
225 D. H. Mac, S. Chandrasekhar and R. Grée Total Synthesis of Gabosines Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2012, 5881-5895
224 S. Chandrasekhar* V Patro, Pavan Kumar Reddy G  and R Grée* A ligand - free copper (II) - catalyzed three - component reaction in  poly(ethylene glycol) medium: A versatile protocol for the production of 3-indole derivatives Tetrahedron Letters 2012, 53, 6223-6225
223 D H Mac, A Sattar, S Chandrasekhar, J S Yadav, and R Grée Synthesis of new 4-methyl-3-piperidones via an iron-catalyzed intramolecular tandem isomerization–aldolisation process Tetrahedron 2012, 68, 8863-8868
222 Naresh T, M Jacolot, M  Jean, S Chandrasekhar and P van de Weghe Synthetic studies towards Stachybotrin C Synlett 2012, 23, 2919-2922
221 A. Srirama Murthy,B Mahipal and S Chandrasekhar* Asymmetric synthesis of C14 - C26 building block of eribulin mesylate Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2012, 6959-6966
220 T. Pavan Kumar and S. Chandrasekhar* Asymmetric syntheses of all stereoisomers of 3-hydroxyproline, a constituent of several bioactive compounds Synthesis 2012, 2889-2894
219 M. Seenaiah and  S. Chandrasekhar* Stereoselective synthesis of the common polyketide fragment of Hoiamides Tetrahedron Letters 2012, 53, 4087-4089
218 P. S. Mainkar*, K. Johny, T. Prabhakar Rao and  S. Chandrasekhar* Synthesis of O-Spiro-C-Aryl Glycosides using Organocatalysis J. Org. Chem. 2012, 77, 2519-2525
217 S. Chandrasekhar* C. Sridhar and P. Srihari A carbohydrate approach for the formal total synthesis of the prostacyclin analogue (16S)-iloprost Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2012, 23, 388-394
216 R. V. N. S. Murali and  S. Chandrasekhar* Stereocontrolled syntheses of piperidine alkaloids, (–)-241D and (–)-isosolenopsin Tetrahedron Letters 2012, 53, 3467-3470
215 S. Chandrasekhar* and L Sreelakshmi Formal synthesis of fumonisin B1, a potent sphingolipid biosynthesis inhibitor Tetrahedron Letters 2012, 53, 3233-3236
214 N Kesava Reddy, B V. D. Vijaykumar and S. Chandrasekhar* Formal Synthesis of Anti-Platelet Drug, Beraprost Organic Letters 2012, 14, 299-301
213 S. Chandrasekhar,* Ml Pendke, Chandrasekhar V and P S. Mainkar Synthesis of a, a-dideutero-ß-amino acids Tetrahedron Letters 2012, 53, 1292-1295
212 V Praveen Kumar, R. Gajendra Reddy, D D Vo,  S Chakravarty, S Chandrasekhar* and R Grée* Synthesis and neurite growth evaluation of new analogues of honokiol, a neolignan with potent neurotropic activity Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2012, 22, 1439-1444
211 B. V. D. Vijaykumar, P. Mallesham and S Chandrasekhar* Towards Allopumiliotoxins: A Concise Synthesis of the Indolizidine Core Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2012, 988-994
210 S. Chandrasekhar* SNCVL Puspavalli,Srinivas C, D Mukhopahyay,  B Ganganna,  K Vijeender, P Srihari, Ch Raji Reddy, M. Janaki Ramaiah and Utpal Bhadra,* Aza-flavanones as potent cross-species microRNA inhibitors that arrest cell cycle   Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2012, 22, 645-648
209 B. Mahipal, K. Mallikarjun and S. Chandrasekhar* Formal synthesis of (+)-Didemniserinolipid B Tetrahedron Letters 2012, 53, 45-47
208 A. Raghuramreddy, D. Harikrishna, S. Chandrasekhar, D. R. Krishna, and A. Raghuram Rao An improved synthesis of lysosomal activated mustard prodrug for tumor-specific activation and its cytotoxic evaluation Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 2012, 38, 1047-1053
207 D H Mac, Ramesh S, A Sattar, S Chandrasekhar, J S Yadav* and R Gree* Total synthesis of gabosines via an  iron-catalyzed intramolecular tandem aldol process Tetrahedron 2011, 67, 9305-9310
206 P. Mallesham, B. V. D. Vijaykumar, D-S Shin* and S. Chandrasekhar* Total synthesis of pyrrolidine alkaloid, Radicamine-B via Stille coupling Tetrahedron Letters 2011, 52, 6145-6147
205 K. Satish, G. Pavan Kumar Reddy, P. S. Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* Synthesis of 'southern' tripeptide of Cyclomarins A and C having novel anti-tuberculocidal mode of action Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2011, 22, 1568-1573
204 Ch. Raji Reddy,* L. Radhika, T. Pavan Kumar and S. Chandrasekhar First acid-catalyzed entry to O-alkylated hydroxamides from benzylic alcohols Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2011, 5967-5970
203 S. Chandrasekhar,* B. V. D. Vijaykumar, B. Mahesh Chandra, Ch. Raji Reddy and P. Naresh Flow chemistry approach for partial deuteration of alkynes: Synthesis of deuterated taxol side chain Tetrahedron Letters 2011, 52, 3865-3867
202 S. Chandrasekhar* T. Pavan Kumar, K Haribabu,  Ch. Raji Reddy and Ch. Ramesh Kumar A chiral pyrrolidine-pyrazole catalyst for enantioselective Michael addition of carbonyls to nitroolefins and Mechanistic insight   Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2011, 22, 697-702
201 D. Basu, M.  Chandrasekharam, P. S. Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* A synthetic approach to terpendoles: decahydrobenzo[f]chromenes  by an intermolecular Diels-Alder route Arkivoc 2011, 355-362
200 M. Kavitha, B. Mahipal, P. S. Mainkar and S. Chandrasekhar* Click reaction on in situ generated ß-azidostyrenes from cinnamic acid using CAN-NaN3: Synthesis of N-styryl triazoles Tetrahedron Letters 2011, 52, 1658-1662
199 Shyam Kiran, D. K. Mohapatra, and S. Chandrasekhar* A Practical Synthesis of (2S)-R207910 and (2R)-R207910 Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2011, 2057-2061
198 B. Raju, M. Ramesh, R. Srinivas,* S. Chandrasekhar,* N. Kiranmai and V. U. M. Sarma Differentiation of positional isomers of hybrid peptides containing repeats of ß-Nucleoside derived amino acid (ß-Nda-) and L-Amino acids by positive and negative ion electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry(ESI-MS/MS) J. Am. Soc. For Mass Spectrometry 2011, 22, 703-717
197 Ch Raji Reddy, P. Phani Madhavi and S. Chandrasekhar* Stereoselective synthesis of tetrahydropyranyl diarylheptanoids (_)-centrolobine and (+)-centrolobine Synthesis 2011, 123-126
196 S. Chandrasekhar,* M. Seenaiah, A. Kumar, Ch. Raji Reddy, Suman Kumar,  M., C. Ganesh Kumar and Sridhar. B. Intramolecular copper(I)-catalyzed 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition of azido-alkynes: Synthesis of triazolo-benzoxazepine derivatives as anti-microbial agents Tetrahedron Letters 2011, 52, 806-808
195 S. Chandrasekhar,*T. Pavankumar, K. Haribabu and Ch. Raji Reddy Hydroxyphthalimide allied triazole-pyrrolidine catalyst for asymmetric Michael addition in water Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2010, 21, 2372-2375
194 S. Chandrasekhar,* N. Kiranmai, M. Udaya Kiran, A. Sharada Devi, G. Pavan Kumar Reddy, Md. Idris and B. Jagadeesh Novel Helical Foldamers: Organized heterogeneous backbone folding in 1:1 a/Nucleoside derived–ß-amino acid sequences Chemical Communications 2010, 46, 6962-6964
193 S. Chandrasekhar,* P. Srihari, Ch. Nagesh, N. Kiranmai, N. Nagesh and M. M. Idris Synthesis of readily accessible triazole linked dimer deoxynucleoside phosphoramidite for solid phase oligonucleotide synthesis Synthesis 2010, 3710-3714
192 S. Chandrasekhar,* S.V. Balaji and G. Rajesh First total synthesis of achaetolide Tetrahedron Letters 2010, 51, 5164-5166
191 S. Chandrasekhar,* and  N. Kiranmai Asymmetric total synthesis of (+)-cardiobutanolide via an iterative asymmetric dihydroxylation in PEG Tetrahedron Letters 2010, 51, 4058-4060
190 S. Chandrasekhar,* N. Kesava Reddy and V. Praveen Kumar Oxidation of alkynes using PdCl2/CuCl2 in PEG as a recyclable catalytic system: one-pot synthesis of quinoxalines Tetrahedron Letters 2010, 51, 3623-3625
189 Ch. Raji Reddy,* P. Phani Madhavi and S. Chandrasekhar Synthesis of a diarylheptanoid, (+)-Centrolobine Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2010, 21, 103-105
188 S. Chandrasekhar,* A. Sudhakar Total Synthesis of Bengazole A Organic Letters 2010, 12, 236-238
187 S. Chandrasekhar* B Mahipal and M Kavitha Towards Tubulysin: Gram scale synthesis of Tubuvaline-Tubuphenylalanine (Tuv-Tup) fragment J. Org. Chem. 2009, 74, 9531-9534
186 G Viault,  D Gree, T Roisnel, S Chandrasekhar and R Gree* The first synthesis of 2-amino-1,4-dihydroquinolines Tetrahedron 2009, 65, 10149-10154
185 S. Chandrasekhar,* G. Pavankumarreddy and K. Sathish Total synthesis of arenamide A and its diastereomer Tetrahedron Letters 2009, 50, 6851-6854
184 S. Chandrasekhar,* G. S. Kiran Babu and  Ch. Raji Reddy Asymmetric synthesis of aza-diospongin A as a iNOS inducer Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2009, 20, 2216-2219
183 B. Raju, V. Ramesh, A. Sudhakar, M. Ramesh, V. U. M. Sharma, S. Chandrasekhar and  R. Srinivas Diastereomeric differentiation of norbornene amino acid peptides by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 2009, 2965-2974  
182 B.  Jagadeesh,*  M Uday, A Sudhakar and S Chandrasekhar* Backbone regulation mimicry by beta-peptidic foldamers:   Formation of 10-helix in a mixed conformational pool of 6-strand and 14-helix   Chem. Eur. J. 2009, 15, 12592-12595
181 S. Chandrasekhar,* and B Tiwari Synthesis of C10-C24 fragment of (+)-cannabisativine Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2009, 20, 1924-1929
180 S. Chandrasekhar,* K. Johny and Ch. Raji Reddy Proline-threonine dipeptide as an organo-catalyst for direct asymmetric Aldol reaction Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2009, 20, 1742-1745  
179 S. Chandrasekhar,* R. V. N. S. Murali and Ch. Raji Reddy Enantioselective synthesis of (-)-lasubine II Tetrahedron Letters 2009, 50, 5686-5688
178 P. Srihari,* P Dutta, R. S Rao, J. S. Yadav, S. Chandrasekhar, P. Thombare, J. Mohapatra, A. Chatterjee and  M R. Jain Solvent free synthesis of 1,5-disubstituted tetrazoles derived from Baylis-Hillman acetates as potential TNF-a inhibitors Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2009, 19, 5569-5572
177 S. Chandrasekhar,* S Khatun, G. Rajesh and Ch. Raji Reddy B(C6F5)3: An efficient catalyst for reductive alkylation of alkoxy benzenes and for synthesis of triarylmethanes using aldehydes Tetrahedron Letters 2009, 50, 6693-6697
176 S. Chandrasekhar,* K. Mallikarjun, G. P. K Reddy, B. Jagadeesh and V. Mohan Enantiopure cycloalkane fused tetrahydropyrans through domino Michael–Ketalizations with organocatalysis Chemical Communications 2009, 4985-4987
175 S. Chandrasekhar,* D Basu, M. Sailu and S. Kotamraju Novel synthetic route to the tricyclic core of (±)-galanthamine Tetrahedron Letters 2009, 50, 4882-4884
174 D H Mac, Ramesh S, J Petrignet, P Srihari, S Chandrasekhar, J S Yadav,* and R Grée* From vinyl pyranoses to carbasugars by an iron-catalyzed reaction complementary to classical Ferrier carbocyclisation Chemical Communications 2009, 4717-4719
173 S. Chandrasekhar,* B B. Parida and Ch. Rambabu Stereoflexible total Synthesis of (-)- Epiquinamide  Tetrahedron Letters 2009, 50, 3294-3295
172 S. Chandrasekhar,* Ch. Lohitha Rao, M. Seenaiah, P. Naresh, B. Jagadesh, D. Manjeera, A. Sarkar and M Pal Bhadra Total synthesis of azumamide E and sugar amino acid containing analogue   J. Org. Chem. 2009, 74, 401-404
171 S. Das, S. Chandrasekhar, J. S. Yadav, A. V. R. Rao and R. Gree* An efficient process for the resolution of cis-4-O-protected-2-cyclopenten-1,4-diol using pancreatin lipase in [C(8)mim][PF6] as a reusable system Tetrahedron Asymmetry 2008, 19, 2543-2545
170 S. Chandrasekhar,* Ch. Lohitha Rao, M. S. Reddy, G. D. Sharma, M. U. Kiran, P. Naresh, G. K. Chaitanya, K. B. Prakash and  B. Jagadesh b-Sugar aminoxy peptides as rigid secondary structural scaffolds   J. Org. Chem. 2008, 73, 9443-9446
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164 Z Hua, K-H. Kam, H-J. Kwon, L. Meng, Ch. Ahn, T-J. Won, T-H. Kim, Ch. Raji Reddy, S. Chandrasekhar and D-S Shin* Microwave-assisted synthesis of 2H-benzo[b][1,4]oxazin-3(4H)-ones and 1H-Pyrido[2,3-b] [1,4]oxazin-2(3H)-ones via Smiles rearrangement Bull. Korean Chem. Society 2008, 29, 1379-1385
163 S. Chandrasekhar,*  Ch. Rambabu,  and A. Syamprasad Reddy Asymmetric synthesis of (+)-passifloricin A and its 6-epimer Tetrahedron Letters 2008, 49, 4476-4478
162 Z Hua, M Lijuan, M Ghate, K-H Hwang, Y K Cho, S. Chandrasekhar Ch. Raji Reddy, and D-S Shin* Microwave-assisted one-pot synthesis of benzo[b][1,4]oxazin -3(4H)-ones via Smiles rearrangement Tetrahedron Letters 2008, 49, 3827-3830
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159 S. Chandrasekhar,* Y. Srinivasa Rao L. Sreelakshimi, B. Mahipal and Ch. Raji Reddy B(C6F5)3-Catalyzed three-component reaction for the synthesis of 1,8-dioxo decahydroacridines under solvent-free conditions Synthesis 2008, 1737-1740
158 S. Chandrasekhar,*Y. Srinivasa Rao A. Sreelakshimi and Ch. Raji Reddy Formal total synthesis of (-)-spongidepsin Tetrahedron 2008, 64, 5174-5183
157 S. Chandrasekhar,* B. Saritha, P. Naresh, B. Jagadeesh and Ch. Raji Reddy Synthesis and characterization of C2-symmetric cyclic peptide with alternating cis-ß-sugar amino acid and ornithine subunits Helv. Chim. Acta. 2008, 91, 1267-1276
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155 J. Kang, K. H. Kam,   M Ghate, Z Hua, T-H Kim, Ch. Raji Reddy, S. Chandrasekhar, and D-S Shin An Efficient Synthesis of 2H-1,4-benzoxazine 3-(4H)-ones via Smiles Rearrangement Arkivoc 2008, 67-76
154 G. Smitha,  S. Chandrasekhar and Ch. Sanjeeva Reddy,* Applications of Zirconium(IV) chloride in organic synthesis – A review Synthesis 2008, 829-855
153 Ch. Raji Reddy,* Y. Srinivasa Rao, T. Pavan Kumar K. Vankatram Reddy and S. Chandrasekhar Hydroxylamine derivatives as nucleophiles in Ferrier glycosylation: Synthesis of aminoxy pseudoglycals   Synthesis 2008, 122-126
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