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Chemical Biology

Research Infrastructure

  • High throughput Liquid handling system
  • Mammalian and bacterial cell culture facility
  • Confocal microscopy and live cell imaging
  • Radioactive facility and liquid scintillation counter
  • PCR and real-time PCR
  • Particle size analyser
  • Imaging systems, such as, UV-Vis Gel documentation systems, Chemiluminescence imaging station.
  • UV-spectrophotometers, Multimode readers
  • Chromatography (UPLC with fluorescence and ECD) FPLC
  • Cell metabolism and mitochondrial bioenergetics analyser (Seahorse)
  • High-speed refrigerated centrifuge, ultra-centrifuge
  • Cryotome, lyophilizer, sonicator, high-pressure cell disrupter, ultra-pure water purification systems, autoclaves, bacterial shaker incubators, refrigerator (4 °C, -20 °C and -80 °C)
  • Lyophilizer and high pressure cell disruptor
  • Phosphor Imager
  • Cell culture facility, drosophila fly lab, molecular and microbiology
  • Florescence activated cell sorter (FACS)
  • Oligo synthesizer
  • Absorbance, florescence and luminescence readers
  • Nanodrop and picodrop
  • Protein X-ray diffractometer (with automated robotic dispenser)
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