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Chemical Engineering

Research Infrastructure

Chem Engg. Lab & Pilot Plant Complex

Process development, process intensification and properties evaluation lab

  • Jacketed stirred reactors with varying volume (500 ml to 2 lit) equipped with overhead stirrer, sampling provision and feed inlets
  • Tubular reactors in glass and SS with varying volumes (20cc to 200cc)
  • Analytical instruments : Densitometer, Refractometer, GC, HPLC, Rheometer, Ebulliometer.
  • Falling film micro reactor
  • Gas phase micro reactor
  • Micro PIV system useful for studies in micro fluidics.
  • Continuous Biodiesel pilot plant (10kg/h) for multi-feedstock processing.
  • Continuous alkylation unit (5kg/h)
  • Biomass gasifier (2kg/h) for multi feed stock processing.

Membrane Separation Lab

  • Facilities for synthesis of flat sheet and hollow fiber polymer membranes
  • Multipurpose RO/NF/UF/MF Pilot Plants with test cell integrated system
  • Hollow fiber Ultra filtration pilot plant of 1000 L/h capacity
  • Bench-scale Gas Separation set-up
  • Electro dialysis pilot plant
  • Laboratory and Pilot-scale Pervaporation systems.
  • Commercial RO plant of 1000 L/h capacity for hands on training of village personnel
  • Analytical facilities for water and wastewater
  • Gas chromatograph (GC) for gas/liquid mixtures
  • Laboratory Membrane Contactor and Membrane Distillation units

Process Dynamics and Control Lab

  • Completely automated batch reactors (2.5 L and 5.0L)
  • Completely automated tubular reactor system (0.3 L)
  • Completely automated bio reactor (2.5L)
  • Completely automated reactive batch distillation column (5L)
  • Completely automated packed bed reactive distillation column (5L)
  • Auto clave
  • Laminar flow incubator
  • Orbital shaker
  • Gas chromatography (gc-2014)
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Automated packed bed reactor system
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