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Biomaterials/ Drug Delivery Research Group

Research Infrastructure

The group houses two first rate animal cell culture facilities with multiple CO2-incubators and horizontal laminar hoods, multiple biochemistry and organic chemistry laboratories, and a number of State-of-the-Art scientific equipments.

  • In vivo imaging system (IVIS)
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Fast Protein Liquid Chromatograph (FPLC)
  • BD FACSCanto II
  • Leica CM 1850 Cryostat
  • Peptide Synthesizer
  • Tissue culture laboratory
  • RT PCR
  • Cytotoxicity testing and antibody assays
  • Inverted Miscroscopes
  • Epifluorescence microscope
  • Labomed Lx 400 Trinocular Laboratory (LABOMED: Light Microscope)
  • Leica S8APO Trinocular Stereozoom Microscope (Leica, SBAPO)
  • Microwave Synthesis Workstation(SINEO: MAS-II AS2292)
  • Epifluorescence microscope
  • Particle size analyzer
  • HPLC,
  • Peptide synthesizer
  • Non-invasive imaging unit
  • Flow cytomer
  • Central facilities (Confocal microscopy, NMR, MS, XRD, ICPMS, etc.)
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