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Business Development and Technology


The activities of the Business Development Division are broadly categorized as mentioned below:

  • Business Development
  • Planning Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) of XII Five Year Plan Projects
  • Management of Biotechnology Incubation Centre (BTIC) and other Public Private Partnerships
  • Other Activities

Business Development

CSIR-IICT has been, at the forefront, catering to the R&D and technology needs of chemical and allied industries. The division plays a prominent role in attracting organizations from diverse sectors by adopting innovative marketing strategies and showcasing the institute's R&D capabilities and expertise to them. The division maintains seamless interaction with prospective clients to identify their specific areas of research interest and then try to match their interest to the R&D expertise available at the institute.

The division organizes regular business counseling sessions to attract clients and solicit their commercial interests and thereby, facilitating industrial research partnerships. Through these sessions the division interacts with industry (Indian and foreign), both private and public to understand the needs and tune the research of CSIR-IICT to match the industry requirement. It also interacts with agencies in the strategic sector like defense, space, atomic energy, with an aim to develop cogent and time targeted & delivery oriented research projects. For projects in new & emerging and translational & transdisciplinary research areas, the Division liaises with the Industry for preparing projects under NMITLI, BIRAC TDB, TIFAC and other such schemes/agencies.

The Business Development division executes various agreements (NDA and MoUs) with the industry through interactions with the management, scientists and clients, by negotiating and finalizing scientific, technical, IP, financial and administrative aspects of collaboration. The division monitors the progress and activities of ongoing industrial research collaborations through regular performance monitoring & evaluation sessions to ensure smooth and timely delivery of project objectives to the industry. It maintains effective and timely communication with clients and scientific teams and ensures proper coordination between them.

The major tasks of the Business Development activity include:

Business Promotion Activity

  • Projecting CSIR-IICT capabilities and expertise to industrial clients
  • Attracting industry by planning and organizing industry meets for technology promotion, identifying industrial problems and to explore potential areas of collaboration.
  • Facilitating prospective clients' visits and projecting CSIR-IICT's R&D capabilities and expertise to them

CSIR-IICT: Industry R&D Consortium

A new initiative has been launched to bring industry closer to IICT's research efforts. The CSIR-IICT: Industry R&D Consortium aims to carry out research to develop new processes/products and improve existing industrial processes. The main objective of this consortium is to pursue challenging research projects that benefit industry and society

Business Development through new research collaborations

  • Facilitating interactions between CSIR-IICT management, scientists and industrial clients to define the scientific collaboration framework.
  • Negotiating with industries to identify new research collaborations.
  • Arranging Non Disclosure Agreements for exchange of information.
  • Preparing techno commercial estimates for the industry-institute collaboration

Research agreements and MOUs with clients for new projects

The Execution of research collaboration agreements for sponsored, consultancy, and collaborative projects and obtaining necessary approvals from CSIR-IICT management, Management Council and CSIR HQ, wherever necessary.

Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Activity:

  • Regular contact with clients and scientific teams to monitor the progress to ensure timely delivery of project objectives.
  • Preparing interim and project completion reports.
  • Processing the payments received from clients

Planning and coordinating publicity to the R&D achievements

  • Publicizing important events in the institute in press and electronic media
  • Arranging press meets and press briefs to highlight R&D achievements
  • Arranging visits of VIP dignitaries/scientists and other guests

Planning Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) of XII Five Year Plan Projects

A major activity of the Business Development division is the PME activity of CSIR- IICT XII Plan Projects. Under the XII FYP program, CSIR-IICT is the nodal lab for 14 projects and a participating lab for 22 projects. To facilitate effective monitoring of the XII plan projects, the Division has introduced a participative performance review & monitoring system, aimed at ensuring timely delivery of the objectives of the XII plan projects. The division has been carrying out overall coordination of the monitoring activities, which involves continuous assessment of the status of project implementation in relation to the approved work plan and budget.The tasks carried out by the division in this direction are:

Monitoring of XII Plan Projects

  • Overall coordination of the monitoring activities, involving continuous assessment of the status of project implementation in relation to the approved work plan and budget.
  • Conducting Monitoring and Review Meetings for the XII plan projects to facilitate effective monitoring of the XII plan projects.

Planning, Implementation & Coordination of XII Plan Projects

  • Preparation of HR recruitment plan for the XII plan projects.
  • Preparation of Equipment Procurement Plan to help in scheduling various activities like placing indents, inviting quotations, placing orders, etc.
  • Record keeping and maintenance of all files/ records, documents related to XII Plan projects in physical as well as electronic form.
  • Coordinating with other network parners and CSIR HQ
  • Compilation of the progress reports of the XII FYP projects XII Plan Web Portal

Management of Biotechnology Incubation Centre (BTIC) and other Public Private Partnerships

The division also promotes and manages the Public Private Partnership initiatives of the institute.

Other Activities

  • Coordination of Research Council (RC) Meetings: The Division works closely with the Secretary RC and Director to coordinate RC Meetings, especially the follow-up activities of the action points raised by the RC
  • Institute Publications: As a business promotion activity, the division publishes institutional reports/ publications/ publicity material in form of annual reports, news bulletins, special promotional brochures, seminar proceedings, etc, The division is instrumental in publicizing institute's R&D achievements and other activities by maintaining excellent relations with media and press. The division publicizes institute's big events, honours/awards received by scientists, National/International seminars organized through press and electronic media.
  • VIP and Student Visits: The Division coordinates the visits of Ministers and other such dignitaries. The Division also organizes events like CSIR-IICT Open Day for school and college students to infuse scientific temper in them
  • Photography: The division provides photography services to the institute.

Some New Initiatives

To reorient the CSIR-IICT research towards industrially relevant products & processes, CSIR-IICT has taken up several new initiatives. Some significant initiatives are listed below:

  • CSIR-IICT Industry R&D Consortium: The Consortium aims to carry out research to develop new processes/products, improve existing industrial processes and pursue challenging research projects that benefit industry and society.
  • One-to-One Industry Interaction Meets: To understand the needs of the industry, CSIR-IICT had about 80 one-to-one interactions with prospective industry partners.
  • Business Meets: To showcase the activities of various research groups of CSIR-IICT, several Business Meets were organized.The division launched a quarterly information bulletin "NEST (New and Emerging Science and Technologies)" to disseminate the news related to new emerging science and technologies to CSIR-IICT scientific community to supplement their R&D efforts. The information bulletin is compilation of R&D trends and other related news collected from different sources. The news related to emerging science and technology, industrial R&D, science and innovation policies, scientific achievements of CSIR-IICT scientific staff etc., will be incorporated in this bulletin.
  • Tie-ups with Industry Associations: CSIR-IICT in its bid to reach out to the industry has established strong linkages with industry associations like the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Solvent Extractors' Association of India, Oil Technologists' Association of India, Indian Paint & Coating Association, Bulk Drug Manufactures' Association.
  • National Facilities: CSIR-IICT has facilitated visits of several national and international dignitaries to CSIR-IICT with an aim to popularize the National facilities of CSIR-IICT like (a) National Mol-bank facility (b) Chemical Biology (c) Lipid research and (d) Semiochemicals. A proposal is submitted to DSIR to establish Common Research & Technology Development Hub (CRTDH) to help pharma and health sector based industries.
  • Showcasing new & emerging technologies: The research contribution of new & emerging areal like nano-biotechnologies and nano materials, dye sensitized solar cells, renewable energy through biomass & biohydrogen, functional materials were showcased at various national and international forums.
  • Business Collaborations: CSIR-IICT has entered into MoUs with CSIR Tech and IKP, Hyderabad to explore opportunities for marketing CSIR-IICT capabilities.
  • Joint proposals to promote entrepreneurship in interface areas: CSIR-IICT, CSIR- CCMB have submitted a Joint proposal for establishing Entrepreneurial Research & Innovation Centre, Hyderabad (ENRICH Facility).
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