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Business Development and Technology


During its formative years as CLSIR, the research strategies of CSIR-IICT were largely top-driven and the need to have business facilitation cell was never felt. Later, as the lab grew in stature there was a realization of the enormous amount of effort that would be required to liaise with industry, develop relevant technologies and transfer them to back the Industry. It was also realized that scientists need to be fed with information to help them develop processes/ products in gap areas of the innovation chain. To serve these requirements, a new Division named the Operations Research, Technical Information and Liaison (ORTIL) was created in early fifties. ORTIL has traversed through several metamorphoses to keep pace with changing times. The opening up of economy and globalization, has forced several changes in R&D policies. Technology imports were liberal, and to survive, the Institute had to provide low-cost alternatives to technology imports through better planning, coordination of resources and liaison with the industry. ORTIL has transformed itself into Planning, Coordination and Liaison (PCL) Division to tune itself to the changed scenario. However, in the mid-Nineties the PCL Division was divided into three areas/divisions viz. Business Management, Research Management and Information Management, to take care of the growing demands of the Institute. In the current Decade of Innovation, the Business Management Area had shifted its focus towards creating platforms to facilitate technology, innovation and business development in order to fully harness the innovation potential of various research groups of CSIR- IICT and is now referred to as Business Development Division.

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