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This Division was started basically as a supporting Division in IICT the then Regional Research Laboratory, Hyderabad since beginning to carry out in house investigations on target and non target organisms for the pesticides and allied formulations developed in the laboratory. Initially it was headed by an eminent scientist Dr Naidu with his dynamic team like Dr Mrs Osmani, Dr Qadri etc. The Division was working on various entomological research aspects and catering to the needs of the region and country as it was undergoing "Green Revolution". It carved a name for itself due to the good work carried out by the dedicated band of scientists and grew slowly in stature and structure to be identified as one of the performing laboratories in the Institute both in terms of External Cash Flow (ECF), research publications and patents. During the years of its long existence the department has served the needs of the common man, the Scientists and staff involved are highly competitive and reputed as evident by patents and high quality publications. In tune with the time the department is always ready for new challenges.

Technologies Developed/Transferred

  • Biological databases on mosquito & mosquito borne diseases (malaria, filariasis& Japanese encephalitis) was developed and transferred to Health department,Govt, of Arunachal Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh.
  • Prioritization of disease endemic zones through Self Organizing Maps. This technology was developed and transferred to NVBDCP, Ministry of Health and FW Govt. India.
  • Developed an integrated diseases forecasting system for the control of malaria in Mizoram & Sikkim.
  • Anopheles & Culex mosquito identification through expert sysi was developed and transferred to DRDO, Tezpur.
  • Filaria monitoring visualization and malaria monitoring visualization system-a GIS based application was developed for identifying disease hotspot regions in endemic zones of India.These technologies were transferred to Health department,Govt, of Arunachal Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh.
  • SAMADHAN KENDRA technology was developed and transferred to Byrraju foundation, Farmers Federation Association of Andhra Pradesh, NGOS form East and WestGodavari districts of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Socioeconomic empowerment through sericulture: Implemented sericulture (Mulberry, Muga and Tasar) activities in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Sikkim and Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Developed high yielding silkworm breeds/hybrids tolerant to high temperature and BmNPV.
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