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One of the alternate agricultural activities is the sericulture, which can serve as an effective tool for rural reconstruction benefiting the weaker sections of the society. It plays a major role in improving socio-economic status, weaker sections, landless peoples. There is an ever increasing demand for silk owing to its strength, lustre and colour. The silk production has stagnated and declined in the recent past though the demand is increasing day by day. The important reasons for low production are attributed to traditional method of silkworm rearing, parasites and diseases, varied eco-climatic conditions, availability of low quality of seed cocoons, type of rearing activities and mostly very poor farmers practice this activity.

The main objective of sericulture activities at CSIR-IICT is to provide income to farmers and also to help in enrichment of the environment by community based protection and regeneration of unused lands through implementation of sericulture both in traditional and non-traditional areas. Therefore, sericulture is direct form of paying rural families for environmental services and to generate self employment and remunerative for livelihoods by

  • Raising of food plantation
  • Silkworm rearing
  • Private Grainages
  • Silk reeling
  • To provide market linkages


  • Silkworm breeds/hybrids
  • Mulberry garden

Training programs for farmers at Assam and Manipur on Muga and mulberry sericulture

Farmers meet and workshop at Mahadevpur, Karminagar on Tassar culture

Team Members

Dr. Sunil Misra
Senior Scientist
Profile: click here
Dr. M. Srinivasa Rao
Profile: click here
Mr. K. Sriram
Sr. Technical Officer (3)
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Dr. K. Madhusudhan Rao
Senior Technician (2)
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