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Centre for NMR & Structural Chemistry


Core Competencies and Activities

  • Methodological developments of both solution and solid-state NMR techniques and homo-decoupling pulse sequences to enhance the spectral resolutions and sensitivity of complex molecules.
  • Solution-state NMR (CP/MAS) spectroscopy of organic molecules, natural products, APIs including low-molecular weight anti-coagulants.
  • RDC-enhanced NMR methods for precise structural elucidations and solving multiple unknown relative stereocentres.
  • Density Functional Theory (DFT) based designs of molecular scaffolds including biomolecular folding/ regulation mimicry and computations of transient state structures.
  • Solid-state NMR of polymorphism, cross-linking density and impurity identifications in pharmaceutically relevant molecules.
  • NMR based determinations of inter-molecular interactions.
  • Portable inside-out low field NMR for studying large objects and process/quality monitoring.
  • NMR instrumentation.
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