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Centre for Semiochemicals


Centre for Semiochemicals (CSC) has been constituted in 2012 at CSIR-IICT with a multi disciplinary inhouse group consisting of expertise in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, entomology and polymer chemistry. Semiochemicals are naturally occurring volatile organic chemicals released by plants, insects and other organisms for specific communication purpose. They include Pheromones (intra-specific activity) and Allelochemicals (inter-specific activity). Pheromones are chemical substances (usually mixtures of chemicals) that act as messengers of communication between individuals of the same species eliciting behavioural responses in the receiver. In insects, pheromones that are used in different behavioural contexts are referred as sex pheromones, aggregation pheromones, alarm pheromones. epideictic pheromones, trial pheromones etc. Application of insect pheromones in integrated pest management (IPM) practices has been recognized as an important and promising tool in providing ecologically safe and environmentally friendly control strategy. Particularly pheromones are found highly suitable in the management of miner, borer and dweller category of pests as they cannot be controlled by conventional application of insecticides.

Isolation, identification, synthesis of insect pheromones and formulating them for field use to control insects themselves is Pheromone Application Technology (PAT). In India, after certain initial constrains the potential of PAT for quality food production is gradually gaining the attention of farming community.

CSC is ready to extend the collaborations all over the nation in future endeavours and anticipates for wider implementation and popularization for PAT as an agro practice for the benefit of our farming community. Sustainable agricultural methods like PAT which lead to the production of improved quality and value added agro yields will not only increase the income of rural people but also improve the quality of life in rural areas. This is the overall activity of Centre for Semiochemicals at CSC aiming towards green management methods for the societal development of Rural India.

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