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Chemical Engineering

Research Areas

PDD (Process development and design)

Experimental evaluation of process routes, process engineering and scale-up of batch / continuous chemical processes. Design data generation, both bench and at pilot scale, pilot / commercial plant design & operation, Basic engineering for retrofitting / trouble shooting and commercial plants.

PDOC (Process dynamics optimization and control)

Process dynamic modeling, Soft sensing and state estimation, Advanced process control, Real-time optimization, Process monitoring and fault diagnosis, and model based design for chemical / biochemical processes.

PROSAC (Process safety center)

Risk analysis, Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP), Failure Frequency Analysis - Fault Tree Analysis / Event Tree Analysis (FTA /ETA), Safety audit, HAZOP and Disaster Mgmt studies, for various chemical, petrochemical and agrochemical industries.

MT (Membrane Technology)

Development and design of membrane processes for water treatment, industrial separations, Development of hollow Fiber membrane technology for water purification & waste water reclamation, Development of novel membranes for gaseous separation, Membrane based intensified operations including membrane distillation, membrane reactors.

PMS (Process modeling and simulation)

Modeling studies on liquid-liquid extraction , reactive extraction, solvent selection and reactive crystallization, modeling and simulation of rate processes in liquid-liquid dispersions.

PICFD (Process Intensification and Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Micro-reactor technology, intensification of processes through experimentation, modeling and simulation for design and scale-up, Experimental Fluid Dynamics for micro-reactors, Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling, Integration of CFD with Kinetic models, Compartmental and reduced order modeling, turbulence modeling. Design of oscillatory baffled reactors, Stripping crystallization and advanced separation methods, Modeling of crystallization systems.

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