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Computer Center


Most of the resources, like operating system, software for certain applications like mail, squid proxy, MRTG, SARG etc., used in IICT Campus are open source based.

The internet bandwidth was upgraded from 2 to 40 MBPS during 2005-12, which facilitated Web Enabled Services in the IICT Campus like CSIR-ERP, Chem Office, Re-axis, Sci-Finder, and NMR-spectrum services. This would enable collaborative research, and e-management of the laboratory's functions. It is a heterogeneous network system operating under Windows and Linux operating systems. For the sake of convenience and manageability, the entire campus is divided into 12 VLANs. The infrastructure facilities: CISCO Routers, ASA Fire Wall with CSM & Core Switch, 15 Nos Distribution Switches, 65 Nos Edge Switches and 50 Nos Wi-Fi Switches connected 8Nos HP DL350 rack servers.

Software Development

The Centre is undertaking applications of software development in the areas of scientific importance to institutional research programs. Additionally, it provides scientific inputs based on computer aided techniques to ongoing R&D Projects. The Centre also undertakes the application software development of various internal departments depending upon their requirement like distribution of monies (Honorarium and Royalty), application for the Visitor's Pass System at main gate of IICT, Application for the Medicine disbursement at IICT Dispensary, Application for the Pathological Department for generating various pathological reports etc..

Web Design

The Centre is having a web server for hosting the website,, this web site is hosted in the campus itself. In addition, the Centre developed websites for the publicity of various seminars conducted at IICT with the facilities like online registration, upload the abstract etc. The Centre also developed internal website for the various maintenance modules/software installations/software patches/general instructions etc. like CCNET, CAFAS, and ADMINSALCHEMY

Internet Facility

Computer Center provides high speed reliable internet facility along with the email to all its staff members and research scholars for research purpose. At present there are about 1000 nodes connected to the LAN. Throughout the campus Fiber cable is laid which gives the reliable connectivity to the remote locations within the campus. In some places Wi-Fi connectivity is also given. There are other two ISPs providing internet connectivity to IICT namely TATA and BSNL. This internet access facility is provided by using the squid proxy server on a Linux environment. The total solution is based on open source code and it is operational for last one decade and is to provide IT enabled facilities in 24/7 mode to research scholars and staff members.

EMail Facility

Web based email facility is provided to all permanent staff members, which they can access from anywhere in the world. Open Web Mail is used for providing this facility; this facility is hosted on a Linux server. There are around 600 users using this email facility. In addition to this we are using ZIMBRA based mail server for internal use. Most of the software used for installation of these services is open source.

Network Services

The Computer centre manage our own Windows DC, LDAP, DNS, WINS, Antivirus, WSUS and DHCP servers. There are around 40 VLANS in the campus which are interconnected with each other using high end core switch, Layer 3 and Layer 2 switches. We have three 20 KVA parallel UPS system for providing uninterruptable power supply. We have high end UTM devices and firewall for internet security. Computer Centre also provides assistance in the Video Conference and online interviews. A computer dedicated to MRTG (The Multi Router Traffic Grapher) will be used for monitoring the traffic load on the network.

Education & Training

The Computer Center staff is regularly participating in various education and training activities of the institute in the IT field. Computer Centre Staff has given assistance in conducting Bioinformatics course jointly conducted by IICT, JNTU and CDAC. Computer Centre regularly conducts classes for the administrative staff in MS-Office, to familiarize them with office automation, computer centre has made arrangement for ERP training of the IICT Staff. For further technical details contact

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