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Crop Protection Chemicals


The primary goal of the research endeavors of CPC division, CSIR-IICT, is to develop green globally competitive, environment friendly and commercially viable technologies for the market driven agro products and organic intermediates. Our research efforts span a wide area in the realm of organic chemistry. The major research theme of the division is the design and development of novel crop protection strategies, to cater the needs of agrochemical sector specially Indian farmers. Organic process development has been a strong suit of the division because of the former leaders (Dr.G.S.Sidhu: Dr. G. Thyagarajan: Dr. U.T.Bhalerao), of the division, which has generated viable methods for the industrial scale syntheses of several important agro chemicals which resulted in cash flow to the institute in the form of royalties and consultancy.

The division is also involved in the development of bio-pesticides, which along with synthetic pesticides form a vital cog in the integrated pest management program. We are strongly involved in the organic materials research as well as in the drug design and development. In the field of basic research, our efforts are focused on the organic methodology development, heterocyclic chemistry, photochemistry and total synthesis of natural as well as non-natural compounds. The division has been a major participant in the CSIR - Open Source Drug Discovery program for tuberculosis. We have been a significant contributor in TAP SUN, a solar energy research initiative aimed at a sustainable future. The Head Division, Dr. V. Jayathirtha Rao derives strength from the 22 strong scientific staffs, which include 10 scientists, 7 technical officers and 5 technical assistants- as well as 7 non-scientific staff. Currently 60 research fellows are working towards the completion of their Ph. D theses. In addition, the divisional scientists train master students every year. Keeping in mind the problems faced by the globe in general and the country in particular, CPC division has been working to effectively combine organic chemistry with process technology, crop protection, drug design and sustainable energy.

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