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Inorganic & Physical Chemistry

Technologies Developed/ Transferred to Industry

  • Fuel oil from waste plastics
  • H2 from methanol reforming
  • H2 biomass derived glycerol
  • Novel adsorbents for coal gas purification
  • Novel silver catalysts for micro-organism control in water
  • Adsorbants for defluoridation of ground water
  • Superior C02 adsorbants
  • Catalytic hydrogenation-dehydrogenation coupling reaction
  • Catalytic decomposition of methane
  • Photo catalysts for energy and environmental applications
  • Esterification and trans-esterification for biodiesel production
  • Decalin dehydrogenation as H2 storage medium for onboard fuel cell applications
  • CO2 as soft oxidant in catalytic oxidation reactions
  • Heteropolyacids as green catalysts for fine chemicals synthesis
  • Glycerol to 2-methlypyrazine
  • Nanoceria-based mixed oxides for auto-exhaust purification
  • Hydro-dechlorination of chloro-organics
  • Functionalized mesoporous materials as catalysts
  • Hydrotalcite based catalysts for cross coupling, Heck, and Suzuki coupling reactions
  • Ammoxidation of alkyl aromatics
  • Process know-how for PMAP, TBBA, Malononitrile, Triphenylphosphine, Furfuryl alcohol, pyrazinamide, and HFC-134A
  • Sodium azide
  • Ammonium dinitramide (ADN)
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