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ISO Cell


CSIR-IICT is an esteemed institution that has been providing many analytical services to industries and academia. In order to cope up with the international standards in analysis, many of the CSIR-IICT’s analytical services are working with ISO 9001:2008 certification, and providing the results with TUV certification symbol. As it is necessary to have a sample receipt and distribution centre, CSIR-IICT has established an ISO Cell where the customers can submit the samples and collect the reports. The ISO Cell will be headed by the Technical Manager, who is responsible for holding the technical discussions with the clients and accepting the job requests. In cases, where specialized opinion is needed, the Technical Manager directs the customers to the respective persons responsible for the required activities. The job requests along with the samples will be forwarded to the respective analytical departments. The analytical departments conduct the necessary tests and forward the reports to the Technical Manager. The Technical Manager verifies all the reports and checks the compliance of the reports as per the laid down protocols and generate report copies in triplicate. The generated copies will be sent to the respective analytical scientists for final verification and signature. After receiving the copies, the Technical Manager certifies the reports and distributes the master copy to the customer and maintains one copy in the ISO cell and sends another copy to the archives section. The files in the ISO cell will be maintained for five years. All this activity is carried out with the help of one stenogarapher and two office assistants.

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