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Biomaterials/ Drug Delivery Research Group


The advanced biomaterials group of IICT has been working in the design and development of liposomal and inorganic nanoparticles based novel drug delivery systems for targeted cancer therapy, dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing blood vessels) related diseases (e.g. cardio vascular diseases, ischemic, wound healing etc.). Three Principal Investigators and a total of 25 doctoral students are currently working in the Biomaterials Group of CSIR-IICT.

Visions and goals of Biomaterials Unit:

  • Find out alternative therapeutic treatment strategies using newly developed drug delivery systems.
  • Design and synthesis of lipid-based bio-active molecules.
  • Design and synthesis of biocompatible liposomal drug delivery system (DDS) for cancer therapy.
  • Design, synthesis and transfection biology of novel liposomal gene delivery reagents for use in non-viral gene therapy.
  • Design of cationic lipid-conjugated estrogenic derivative (ESC8).
  • Design and fabrication of biocompatible inorganic nanoparticles based drug delivery system (DDS) for cancer therapy.
  • Development of non-toxic fluorescent nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics
  • Design and synthesis of new nanomaterials for angiogenesis study for wound healing, cardiovascular and ischemic diseases.
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