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Mass & Analytical (ACD)

Core Competencies

  • To render analytical support to R & D projects of the laboratory
  • To provide analytical support to the industry, universities and research institutions
  • To provide consultancy services in impurity profiling, drug master files (DMF), chemical equivalence, method development and validation, chiral separations, environmental analysis.
  • To undertake consultancy services to chemical industry
  • To conduct basic and applied research in analytical sciences.
  • To develop human resource development by organizing training courses, seminars workshops etc

Technologies Transferred/Methods Developed

  • Development of Analytical Methods for transformer oils
  • Estimation of Genopep in serum extracts by HPLC
  • Accelerated stability of Genopep, a peptide undergoing the clinical trials for development of new drug for the treatment of burns
  • Analysis coal ash and coal samples
  • Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) TCQM-DEC Proficiency Testing for determination of pesticides in Tea powder
  • Development & Validations of Chromatography & Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Analytical & Preparative Separations of Optical and Geometrical Isomers
  • Liquid-Liquid & Solid Phase Micro Extractions
  • Drug Quality and Safety Evaluations
  • Impurity Profiling & Chromatographic Fingerprinting, Stability Indicating & Forced Degradation studies
  • Chromatographic Isolation & Structural Characterization of small molecules by Spectroscopy
  • Fate and Distribution of Antibiotics, Pesticides, Aromatic Sulphonates, Fluorescent Whitening Agents and Synthetic Pyrethroids in aqueous media
  • Process Control & Monitoring, Computer Assisted Analytical Methods Chemometrics & Design of Experiments
  • Detection of adulteration in Food, Beverages and Pesticide Formulations, Detection of Hot Spots in Electrical Transformers and Generators
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