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Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacology


Core competencies

  • Discovery and development of effective and affordable new drugs
  • Synthesis of complex natural products, new molecules and analogue generation
  • Executing various medicinal chemistry and drug discovery programmes.
  • Development of novel processes, particularly greener synthesis of drugs and their intermediates
  • In-silico design of novel leads
  • Development of reaction methodologies for asymmetric synthesis
  • Application of biotransformations and biocatalysts for the preparation of pharmaceutically important compounds including chiral synthesis/separations.
  • Preclinical toxicity studies for regulatory submissions
  • Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies
  • Targeted drug delivery systems
  • Understanding drug mechanisms and their mode of action
  • Biotechnology/Fermentation based production of value added products

Research Area

  • Targeting novel biochemical pathways towards the discovery of effective and safe drugs
  • Bioinspired and greener synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant complex natural products and their pharmacological evaluations
  • Development of biocatalytic tools for novel synthetic transformations
  • Flow microreactor chemistry
  • Photoredox catalysis
  • Green and practical synthesis of novel heterocyclic's.
  • Regulatory toxicology

Research Infrastructure

  • Excellent expertise in Chemistry in designing and development of novel compounds from simple to complex molecules and their libraries leading to therapeutic active compounds
  • Equipped with modern analytical and other related instruments such as UV, FT-IR, polarimeter, GC, HPLC, UPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, parallel synthesizers, microwave synthesizers for Combinatorial Synthesis of compounds , scale-up lab reactors , Fermentors, Blood cell counter and analyzer, multimode micro plate readers, RT-PCR, fluorescence microscopes, etc.
  • Facilities for screening small molecules in the therapeutic areas of analgesic; anti-inflammation; anti-diabetic; anti-arthritis, Hypo-cholestemic , anticancer and anti microbial activities.
  • Animal House registered with CPCSEA
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