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Natural Products Chemistry


Natural products chemistry group was established with an objective to discover bioactive molecules with special emphasis on developing ‘Investigative New Drugs’ (INDs) from natural sources including terrestrial and marine organisms. The group is well equipped with modern analytical tools to aid new bioactive molecule discovery.

The research activities of Natural Products Chemistry group focus on the isolation of new natural products, rational structural modifications of known natural products scaffolds for new lead discovery, total synthesis of complex natural products and green chemistry. Special emphasis is given to the development of synthetic methodologies to facilitate generation of diversity around the scaffolds, which can be utilized as key intermediates for total synthesis.

The new molecular entities generated are screened for pharmacological activities with focus on CNS, cancer and anti bacterial properties. The group also has all the requisite capabilities for the purification of natural products using tools like SEPBOX and preparative HPLC. The group has built state of the art capabilities with analytical instruments like LCMS and NMR and has expertise in combinatorial chemistry equipped with and high speed parallel synthesizers.

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