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Natural Products Chemistry


The Natural Products Chemistry Division was originally a part of Division of Organic Chemistry in the 1960s which was bifurcated into Organic-I (Medicinal Chemistry) and Organic-II (Pesticides and Crop-protection) in the late 1970s. Under the leadership of Dr A V Rama Rao and Dr J S Yadav in late 1980s, the Division became multidisciplinary and expanded its research base to isolation, characterization, synthesis and bioactivity studies focusing on natural products, synthesis of drugs and drug intermediates using traditional, catalytic and biocatalytic approaches, and pheromone isolation, characterization and synthesis. The expertise developed in the division during last 10 years has been recognized by Govt of India by setting up National Centre for Semiochemicals, Vaccine Immunology Laboratory, Diversity Oriented Synthesis Laboratory, Genetic Chemistry Laboratory, The National Mol Bank and Indo-French Joint Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry at CSIR-IICT.

Some of the achievements of this Division are as follows:

  • Process and product standardization of certain classical anti-arthritic ayurvedic drugs;
  • Designing of herbal formulations 75 K and 76 P for anti-gastric ulcer activity;
  • Isolation of chemical entities from AP-9a found to be active over cancer cell lines;
  • Identification for further development of Ap-20am 13, AP-20am 14, AP-20am 15 and AP-20am 16 for memory enhancing and anti-depressant activities;
  • Identification of single chemical entities from AP-30b and AP-38a for the study of their biological activity against Leishmania;
  • Process know-how of APIs in the areas of anti-ulcer, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-TB and (vii) Development of new reactions on solid phase such as Merrifield and Wang resins.
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