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Polymers & Functional Materials


Polymers & Functional Materials Division (PFM) Division of CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) is well known nationally and internationally for its research programs in the area of polymeric and hybrid materials for different functional applications. The division conducts both basic and applied research with a mission to be a leading innovative eco-friendly solution provider through creation of relevant scientific knowledge base for understanding and expanding the science and technology of polymers, polymeric materials from renewable resources, nano and hybrid materials for coatings, inks, adhesives, healthcare, energy, and construction and other specialty functional applications. The ever growing advancements in synthetic organic chemistry, synthetic methodologies, and nanotechnology along with environment, energy and cost concerns make the functional materials research arena very challenging and dynamic. The strong inter divisional collaboration and support from the other divisions of the institute such as organic chemistry, inorganic & physical chemistry, lipids, biology and engineering has been one of the strengths to catch up with rapid advancements in science and technology of functional materials development. The division has close links and ties with industry, government great agencies and strategic sectors and several processes and technologies have been developed for them in the past.

PFM Division has put gigantic efforts in application of oils for paints, utilization of waste for paints & other functional materials, pigments, extenders, adhesives, composites, specialty polymers, biomaterials, natural polymers etc to develop technologies and processes. Keeping in pace with global trends PFM division has initiated new research in the area of fluoropolymers, well-defined block copolymers, self assembly, green composites, nano-composites, hyperbranched polymers, functional coatings, materials for solar energy generation and storage, renewable/natural resource based green polymers etc.

The division is also coordinating CSIR-XII Plan project “INTELCOAT”which involves six CSIR laboratory with 70 scientific staff participation. The division runs Ph.D. programmes in the aforesaid areas and also provides training to graduate and postgraduate students of different universities/institutes through dissertation work for a period of 6-12 months. At present it is being lead by Dr. T. Shekharam.

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