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Polymers & Functional Materials

Core Competencies

Coating & Functional Materials

Speciality functional, smart and intelligent materials & coatings, decorative and protective coatings, resin development and modifications such as alkyd, uralkyd, polyurethanes, epoxy, acrylics and hyperbranched polymers and their hybrids for high solids and water based coatings & allied fields, Eco-friendly emulsions & renewable resources based polymers, Adhesives, micro/nano composites, foam & insulation materials, nano-engineered coatings and sol gel based materials, structure & property relationship in coatings etc.

Novel Monomers, Polymers & Hybrid Functional Materials

New monomers & polymers from renewable resources controlled radical polymerization, di &ter block copolymers, Atom transfer Radical Polymerization, Reversible Addition Fragmentation chain Transfer (RAFT), Novel Polymerization Techniques, Supramolecular chemistry &self assembly, Functional organic, polymeric, inorganic, IPN, nano& hybrid materials, core shell, grapheme & carbon nanotubes for different applications including solar energy, PolymerBlends and Nanocomposites, Fundamental and structure property relationship research on polymers, hybrids, nanomaterials and biomaterials for technological applications

Speciality Functional Materials

Fluoropolymers & Fluoroelastomers, Conducting and liquid crystal polymers, Biopolymers & Biomaterials, Controlled release, thermo reversible gels, solar energy harvesting & energy storage materials, Batteries, Supercapcitors, Solar Inks & Paints, Photopolymers, Opaque Polymer pigments using Core Shell technologies.

Raw Materials

Raw material evaluations and new process & product development. Problem solving and process improvement

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