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Research Management Area


Core Competencies

  • Project Management
  • Management of Grant-in-aid & Govt. Dept. funded R & D projects
  • HR Management
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • International S&T Affairs related to R&D collaborative projects & Bilateral exchange programmes
  • Coordination of TLEP of CSIR
  • Foreign Deputation of Scientists/Research fellows
  • Customer Satisfaction Evaluation of Externally Funded Projects
  • Incentive Schemes to staff such as Formulation of Awards and Distribution of Intellectual Fee/Royalty/Honorarium
  • Organization of Institutional Events/functions
  • Preparation of Annual R & D Plan documents

Brief Details of Activities

Project Management: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of R&D projects of various divisions are undertaken through the Research Planning and Budget Committee. The division is involved right from publicity to processing of the R&D project proposals, submission of progress reports, expenditure statements, utilization Certificates and follow up for final payment with the funding agencies. The division also handles in obtaining the customer satisfaction evaluation reports of all externally funded completed projects which helps in improving the deliverables as per the customer's requirements. The staffs working in industry sponsored projects are also rewarded with honorarium which is handled by Research Management Division as per the CSIR Technology Transfer guidelines.

Human Resource Development & Management: Research Management Division looks after the human resource management of the Institute which facilitates deployment of staff and hired manpower i.e. project assistants and research fellows (Project) in Externally Funded Projects, by coordinating the engagement of project assistants against projects and their further extension of tenure on need basis. The Division processes applications for joining/engaging JRF, SRF (for Ph.D programme), RA, Project Assistants, Student Trainees (for project work) and at the end of the tenure they are given certificates with appropriate citations. Apart from this, RMD had organized Technology Led Entrepreneurship Programme for JRFs/SRFs for a period of 5 years from 2008 to 2012 entrusted by CSIR-HRDG to IICT. The research fellows who attended the program were from various R&D organizations/universities of various parts of the country. The research fellows were given exposure to start-up technology, venture funding schemes etc., in the programme. The skills learned from this programme helped them to enhance expertise in technology commercialization and business development. The programme was conducted by the faculty largely drawn from IIMs.

Intellectual Property Rights Management: CSIR-IICT has recognized the importance of IPRs by filing patent applications in India and Overseas. The division interacts with the scientists of the laboratory for filing patent applications by rendering guidance and assistance in drafting, scrutinizing and sending the patent applications to IPU Division of CSIR. Concerted efforts for filing and follow-up have resulted in filing and granting of good number of patents in India and abroad during previous years. The division also handles the licensing agreements/MOUs of patents with Academic and Research Institutes both within India & Overseas.

Research and Academic Collaborations: The division looks after the CSIR-IICT- Academic Institutes Overseas Collaborations. RMD facilitates in executing agreements for joint research projects in support of R&D programmes between CSIR- IICT and various international institutes for its research in Chemical Sciences & Technology apart from R&D collaborations.

The Division interfaces with CSIR-IICT scientists and ISTAD at CSIR Headquarters on all matters connected with the International Science & Technology Collaborations of the laboratory like International bilateral exchange programs, Security and sensitivity clearance of international bilateral projects, Bilateral DST projects, MEA, MHA & CSIR clearances for holding international conferences in IICT, Conference funding and Visits of foreign scientists/ research scholars to various countries under various categories.

Foreign Deputations: CSIR-IICT scientists are deputed to attend various important international seminars/workshops and also for training on sophisticated analytical instruments and to work with fellow scientists in reputed overseas universities. The division coordinates in obtaining necessary approvals and clearances for these deputations. Subsequently, the division collects visit reports from the deputed scientists, scrutinizes them and forward to CSIR.

Institutional Events: The division organizes every year various scientific events like PS Murti Memorial Lecture, National Science Day, Bhatnagar Memorial Lecture, National Technology Day, Sidhu Science Lecture, CSIR-IICT Foundation Day, CSIR Foundation Day and Founders Day Lectures, World Environment Day, World Earth Day etc. where Eminent Scientists / Academicians/ Nobel laureates are invited to deliver the lectures in the area of science & technology which is of current use to the scientific staff and the research scholars.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): CSIR has introduced ERP New Enterprise Transformation Portal in all its laboratories during the year 2012-13. Accordingly CSIR-IICT has been entrusted to implement ERP in their workplaces. ERP consists of several modules like R&D Module, HR Module, F&A Module, PPM Module etc. Research Management Division has been involved in updating R&D Module and HR Module. RMD has provided key inputs like entry of Role Mapping & Project mapping of entire staff of CSIR-IICT, Grant-in-aid Projects entry into ERP numbering around 400 projects. This facilitates the other groups to prepare F&A module and PPM Module etc. It also benefits employees in logging their personal information, leaves, GPF disbursements and other services. Softwares Developed: The division has developed softwares like: Project database, Patent database, Monies distribution from projects etc. These databases facilitates Management for taking information on ECF, Projects, Permanent and Temporary Staff, Awards/Honors, Patents filed / Granted, Customer Satisfaction Reports, Foreign Deputations, etc.

File Management and Safe Custodial Activity: The project files pertaining to various externally funded projects is maintained very systematically by Research Management Division apart from the project reports and process know-how and design documents. In addition, Patent Files, Agency Queries, HR/Awards Files are maintained. Total 1600 files are being maintained, which can be retrieved through computerized data base system. Technology Transfer Documents, Know-how and Design Reports, ISO documented files are kept in safe custody in a systematic manner for quick retrieval for use, as and when required.

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