Academic Programs


CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology provide unique opportunities to young science and engineering graduates/postgraduates for research in the chemical, biological, engineering and allied disciplines leading to Ph.D Degree. The institute provides a lively academic atmosphere with experienced research supervisors. excellent laboratory and world class state-of-art infrastructure and characterization facilities to enable the prospective students to experience the basic, inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas of research for lucrative future career in both academia and industry. The students can explore the opportunities for research in a wide variety of disciplines please click on area of interest for more information:

Major Areas of Research
Organic Synthesis, Natural Products - Isolation, Methodology Development, Medicinal Chemistry, Fluoro-Organics, Agro Chemicals, Pheromones, Catalysis, Nanomaterials Materials for Solar Energy, Polymers and Functional Materials, Lipid Science and Technology, Biology, Pharmacology, Molecular Modelling, Biomaterials, Analytical Chemistry - NMR Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, X-ray Crystallography, Biochemicals & Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc

CSIR-IICT also started M.Tech Degree in Chemical Engineering which can be extended to Ph.D. program and degree will be awarded by Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR).

CSIR-IICT also appoint Project Fellow to carry out work on sponsored research (Visit CSIR-IICT website for opportunities CSIR-IICT). The select candidates based on their experience of minimum two years, performance records reflected through research publications may be encouraged to join Ph.D. programs.

CSIR-IICT also provides Training to several M.Tech/MSc/ B.Tech / B.E students for their final year project dissertation at CSIR-IICT.

Why You Should Join CSIR-IICT